working on lots of new music…
3.1.2015 Pure DJ set at LOOP – Oldschool Techno Party, Das Werk, Vienna
9.1.2015 Slowlands whisky club at Sputnik Kino Bar, Berlin

Spring/Summer/Autumn dates:
2.5. Taste The Doom at Heavy Days In Doom Town, Copenhagen
17.5. Slowlands whisky bar at Bohren und der Club of Gore concert in Berlin
23.5. Slowlands whisky club at Sputnik Kino Bar, Berlin
31.5. PRSZR Live at NK, Berlin (recording of the second album)
8.6. Ilsa Gold DJ set ://about blank, Berlin
14.6. Pure DJ set at Loop, Das Werk, Vienna
27.6. Slowlands whisky club at Sputnik Kino Bar, Berlin
July: teaching at The School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe, Berlin
2.8. Ilsa Gold “live” at Nature One Open Air Rave, Raketenbasis Pydna
2.8.-16.8. Pure w/ Jorge Sanchez-Chiong, Thomas Wagensommerer et al at 47. Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt
19.9. Pure Live in Madrid

Bolder – Hostile Environment. First album released on Editions Mego. Vinyl & download. Release date: 3rd March 2014. Order here.

Bolder – Pure: morbid funk & sludge beats, Goner: sludge funk & morbid beats

Bolder is Martin Maischein who used to record as Henrich at Hart on Position Chrome and Peter Votava also known as Pure who has recorded previously for Mego and was half of Ilsa Gold. With their combined background in electronic music of all angles Bolder introduces a significant proposition to the current experimental electronic boom. Blurring the lines between industrial, techno, dub, ambient and narrative forms, the work on Bolder’s debut presents a dance amongst the abyss, a world where organic rhythms provide the path amongst a swarm of foreboding electronics. Herein lurks an atmosphere where hostile electronics weigh the hope and paranoia of today’s climate. One humans listen is another humans challenge.

“No End Of Vinyl” CD with remixes of the.end.of.vinyl E.P. (Mego, 1999) on Crónica released. Remixes by: @c, Arturas Bumsteinas, Cindytalk, Christoph de Babalon, Current 909 vs. Pure, Goner, Jorge Sanchez-Chiong, Opcion, Pita, Rashad Becker. Plus free digital rerelease of the original EP.

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“The End of Vinyl”
Crónica’s 78th edition presents Pure’s classic the.end.of.vinyl, originally released by Mego in 1999. Long out of stock, this was Pure’s first output after the switch from analogue hardware to software and also his first work focusing on the pure listening experience instead of dance music.

the.end.of.vinyl is not a manifesto against vinyl records, rather a mention to the sources used in the composition, taken from various run out grooves. Fourteen years past, these two pieces are now redistributed in digital format and are the starting point for the ten compositions in the upcoming release No End of Vinyl.

Remix for Ab-Hinc on Widerstand Records.
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Pure live at Le Grand Bumm 15, Südpol, Luzerne, 29.10.2011. Download

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Prszr – Pure: electronics, Rafal Iwanski: percussion

Heart Chamber Orchestra – heartbeat-based audio/visual realtime composition

TASTE THE DOOM Drinking excellent whisky and listening to Doom Metal.

Pure live at Galeria Labirynt in Lublin, Poland. 12/03/2011

22/12/2011 digital release FEVER DREAMS on Bleak Netlabel Download.

24/09/2011 ILSA GOLD Live, Pratersauna, Vienna, AT

19/05/2010 DJ Set at HBC Club, Berlin, DE.

30/04/2011 ILSA GOLD Live, MAYDAY, Dortmund, DE. (our third performance there after 1993 and 1994). Watch. Read.