Pure – the.end.of.vinyl


Originally released on Mego 015 as 3″ CD in 1999.
Rereleased by Mego as picture-disc vinyl in 2001.
Digitally re-released by Crónica in 2013.

The title is not a manifest against the vinyl record. Instead it refers to the source sounds used which were samples taken from various run out grooves.

Review from Datacide 6:
Pure – The End Of Vinyl – Mego 3”CD
Goem – dertig cm – Mego 12”
Mego humour in the titles here. Datacide’s favourite aunty DJ Pure celebrates ‘the end of vinyl’ with a 3” CD of two tracks called side one and side 2. Punchline alert – both of these tracks are compiled from multi layered samples of vinyl run-out grooves (the end of vinyl…). Goem’s dertig cm is actually 30cm of vinyl from a producer nurtured on the staalplaat scene where vinyl is a non-entity. The humour ends with the sounds as we enter typical mego territory. Pure goes for an overkill of highly related data, locking in a multitude of rough sounding run off tones, whilst goem shows us his ‘student simulator’ hospital monitoring machine to create the kind of flatliner techno that exists amongst the small bands of Panasonic fans. How Mego manage to operate filters of quality and pointedness on their releases is a perplexing question, but once again these two missives strike with a deadly accuracy. DM