Dieb13 Pure Siewert – Just In Case You Are Bored. So Are We.

Label: dOc recordings 004
Format: CD

Press Release:
1 – Just in case you are bored (recorded live at Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf jan 13 2001).
2 – So are we (recorded live at RHIZ/Vienna Nov 26 2000). dieb13 plays (in the truest sense of the word) turntables like no other: his music is reduced, exceptionally musical, and can be described as anything but merely moving records around. He produces ambient soundscapes, often plunderphonic, but never just a patchwork.
For many years now, Martin Siewert has been exploring the electronic guitar’s possibilities for sonic abstraction, from jazz to distant electronic-electroacoustic soundscapes and more often recently, concrete sound (cf. the hatHut CD, “Trapist”.)
Pure comes from the world of techno, where his beats became more and more abstract and in the meantime even elusive. A wonderful example of his bleak sound fantasies (fed from his work in techno, industrial, musique concrete and ambient) is his last CD, “Noonbugs” (mego).
For several years, dieb13 and Martin Siewert have regularly collaborated (including in EFZEG (whose most recent CD is Boogie auf grob)). Here, their primarily analogue sound experiments are added to and complemented by Pure. After collaborations between Siewert and Pure in the area of production, in late 2000 the three found themselves more or less coincidentally working together on two completely improvised concerts, and have now collected the results of their first joint musical project on this recording.
Each detail of the sonic landscape is precisely modulated, analogue amplitudes with digital peaks and abysses. The warm, gently pulsating sound of Siewert’s guitar forms the primary basis for the abstract grooves and sounds of Pure’s laptop (with its own software) and dieb’s turntable experiments (such as adding piezoelectricity to the sound pickup). Many levels overlap, shift, and almost imperceptibly reform. Since repetitive structures dominate, there are no breaks, but plenty of sonic surprises.
Just In Case You Are Bored. So Are We. The fourth release on Pure’s label, dOc recordings, is also Pure’s first non-solo release.
The title is open to interpretation ò it can be read equally as a dig or as a celebration of electronic reductionism. Or as a commentary on the cover photo, of Death Valley, place of absolute silence.