Clip Grid (detail)

Change Clip Grid for notes input via pencil on the fly and add notes with different lengths faster.

Current version:

Clip Loop (click the image to load movie)

Quickly turn Loop on/off of a selected clip with a short key instead of too many clicks in the controls.

Current version:

More Settings: Default Midi Clip Length (click the image to load movie)

Set the default length of newly created Midi Clips to an any length in bars (partly possible on Push. Not possible with Live).

Current version:


Detune (click the image to load movie)

Generate subtle pitch variations in cents triggered by notes. Implemented for Simpler, Sampler(?), Analog(?), ?

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CEQ8 Copy EQ8 Settings (click the image to load movie)

What it says…

Current version:

Merge Notes Mono (click the image to load movie)

Merge selected notes of the same pitch. Selected notes must have the same pitch

Current version:



Varispeed (click the image to load movie)

Controls the master tempo. With on/off button.

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7 Sends

AVX Mode

One (variation) preset per key press

Auto-naming for newly recorded clips

Auto-naming for newly recorded clips by my own rules

Click Scroll

Mouse over any control and use the scroll wheel as fastest midi CC fader ever.

Deactivate “auto-change to track when clicked” for these controls

Mute, Solo, Volume, Pan,

ui with checkbox list

DMC Demix MIDI Clip by Pitch (+ Merge function)

Demix a MIDI Clip containing notes with different pitches into separate tracks with Midi Clips containing only notes of the same pitch

H Hold Note

Use in Drum Rack to create sustained notes. With colour control of chains for better Push UX.

Current version:


M4L Mischa


Create complex modulations by mixing three modulations in different ways.

Current version:


Move 1.1.1 in a Clip to first note

Move 1.1.1 to first note

Note Recurrence

Open With Last Live Set Project

QJ Quick Jump to Device

Current version:


SNP Scale Note Probabilities in currently running Clip

Scale all note probabilities in a Clip while it is playing

Use Case:
Change the musical density intuitively

Show Current Keys

Tool for screen recording: display the currently pressed key and modifier key in a floating window to show in the video.

Current version:


TN Trigger Notes

Turn any modulation into a sequencer

Warp Control