I make music and play live with computer and electronic instruments.
I dj with vinyls.
My current projects are Pure and Current 909.
I also developed, composed, and performed with the Heart Chamber Orchestra.
I make software to make music with.
Sometimes I release it.
I write about it. And I teach it.
I hold a Master of Research in Computer Music.

Updates: facebook.com/musicwithmachines.org
Contact: Facebook or Soundcloud 

Pure | Swarm Attack

Current 909 | Enthusiasm

Christoph Fringeli & DJ Pure | Dark Star/Anti-Christ

Pure | Us Here Now He Said

TULUU by Dadub / Pure

Pure | Accumulate Deprication

Current 909 | Something with Black in the Name Remixed by Umwelt, The Mover, JFK, Pure

Pure | Information Age Overload

Current 909 | Something with Black in the Name

Pure | Low

Bolder | Hostile Environment

Current 909 – The Price For Existence Is Eternal Warfare

PRSZR – Equilirium

Pure – Bestial Power

Pure Vs Omniscience – Class Of 95