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Current 909 – Something with Black in the Name
Digital release via Bandcamp on 12th Oct 2017.
Vinyl release 3rd April 2018.

Released December 13, 2017 : Pure – “Bestial Power” for the “Throbbing City” compilation on 3TH Records. With Shadows, Umwelt, Analogue Bipolar Boy, FracTAL, Ascion, D. Carbone, Lucindo, Acidave, Ryuji Takeuchi and Ontal.

17th July 2017: “Pure Vs Omniscience – Class Of 95” on Ophism Records – on vinyl and digital. Vinyl lim. to 300 copies.

After releasing on drop bass networks, Atmosfear , Loop, Sub / Version in the early 90s, and more recently on Mego, Staalplaat, Crónica and Praxis, Pure is returning to the techno scene with a 5 tracks EP.
The tracks were recorded in 1995, two of them together with Omniscience (Tobias Balle-Petersen from Copenhagen, also known as Color Climax Corporation, Madame Xerox, Nick East and Biosattelites with releases on Drop Bass Network, Harthouse and his own label Space Works). Pure analog, acid, authentic, live recorded underground Hardcore Techno for the glory of Satan.

First new Current 909 vinyl release in 20 years on aufnahme + wiedergabe from Berlin. Release date in Autumn 2017!

28.8.2016 Pure DJ sets @ OHM @ Berlin Atonal Festival.

Recording of my live set at Atonal Berlin in 2015:

09.06.2016 Pure DJ set @ Rituals hosted by Dissonant, Suicide Circus, Berlin
w/ Alexey Volkov (jealous god), Modeo (horizontal ground), Jake Conlon (decoy)

17.6.2016 Pure DJ set @ Real Deal Festival, Vienna
w/ Tetsuya Umeda, Rashad Becker, Mario De Vega, Billy Roisz
24.6.2016 Slowlands Berlin at Sputnik Kino Bar, Berlin.

Video excerpt of my DJ set at M^C^O (Milano, IT):



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