Software solutions for artistic projects using Cycling74’s Max and Arduino (selection):

Heart Chamber Orchestra, 2003-2012

Custom media player for β-lab at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne 2018

Voice sample manipulator for wittmann/zeitblom 2019

HUM Die Kunst des Sammelns by Julian Klein and Klangquadrat, Berlin 2008

Bioskop by Liquid Blues Production, Berlin 2006

“Ungelesen” in cooperation with Daniel Sprenger and Anke Eckardt, Berlin 2006

RayPlayer by Fritz Biedermann, Vienna 2005

H.A.U.E.R. by Robert M. Weiss and Doris Reisinger, Vienna 2004, 2006

biomorph by zeitblom, Frankfurt 2004

A Sophisticated Soiree, Graz, Linz, Berlin, Karlsruhe 2002 – 2003