I have been teaching classes on Max, Ableton Live/Max For Live, and topics around Sound Synthesis and given talks about my artistic strategies at various universities, art+science institutions and schools since 2001.

I hold a Master of Research in Computer Music from the University of Plymouth (UK).

Contact: pure_at_this-domain-here.org

Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien (2000-2004)
Soundstudio Akademie für Bildende Kunst Wien (2001-2004)
University Hildesheim, Scenic Arts Dept. (2008-2009)
Statens Kunst Akademi Oslo (2003)
47. Internationalen Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt (2014)
TEKS Trondheim Electronic Art Center October (2003-2005)
UDK Berlin Sound Studies Dept. (2008)
Atelier Nord in Oslo (2005)
Ultrahang Budapest (2007)
General Public (2006-2013)
NK (2006-2013)
Jardin Moderne, Ecole des Beaux Arts, and Sculpture Department of University of Rennes. Rennes (2003.)
Ecole des Beaux Arts Rennes. One week workshop on using heartbeat sensors for music creation (2011)
datenklang Berlin (2006 – 2016)
Wave Akademie Berlin (2016-2018, also teaching Ableton Live, Max For Live and Klangsynthese o.a.)
Commonground Berlin. Introduction to Max (2018)
EMS Berlin (since 2019, teaching topics around Electronic Music Production,
Max/Max For Live and one-to-one lessons)
Workshops Max and Live10 at Galerie Zentrale, Vienna (2019)
Private tuition in both English and German.